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Parent enVision Instructions


Log on to the School District website – www.acvsd.org

Click the “Elementary Tab”

Select the "enVision Math website login" link

Takes you to Pearson Success Net - https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com/snpapp/login/login.jsp

      Username:  LastnameFirstname (student)

      Password:  falcon1

      ***All lowercase


You should be successfully logged in as your child!

What you see on the dashboard depends on how each individual teacher utilizes the online site. 

·       You will see “To Do” or “Explore” (click)

·       This will allow you to see each topic in their grade level

·       Once you have selected a topic, you can view each daily lesson


Other Key Tools-

·       Book icon will open textbook

·       Once you open the textbook, you can print “practice” page- usually homework- it is a yellow page icon on left of lessons

·       Cube with 4 – Counters, fractions, manipulatives


Explore Tab (click)

          Search (click)

                   Keyword – game, hit “go”

                             Display games that go with the math program


A-C Valley School District   ♦  776 State Route 58  ♦  PO Box 100  ♦  Foxburg, PA 16036  ♦  (724) 659-5820   ♦  FAX (724) 659-4774

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